Private AI training & consultancy designed to empower humans


• How can AI be beneficial to my organisation?
• How do we avoid the risk of AI hallucinating?
• How can we use AI while protecting our private data?
• How can we integrate AI without changing our existing systems?

• How can we use AI to save time, money and streamline our processes? 

My clients include..

AI technology will soon impact every aspect of how you run your organisation. Delegating repetitive human processes to low-cost AI software is already possible. The goal is never to make humans redundant but to free up people to maximise their true potential, resulting in growth, efficiency and a happier, more satisfied workforce. 

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Hi, I’m Danny Richman. For the past 40 years, I’ve been helping people get to grips with technology. More recently, my focus has been assisting organisations harness AI to save time and money and do things they never thought possible. My goal is to make AI accessible to everyone.

My Services

Private AI Training

Prepare your team for the future with my private, bespoke AI training.

AI Consultancy

Learn how AI can empower your business.

Bespoke AI Development

I design and build complete AI solutions to meet any budget.

AI Keynote Speaker

I offer keynote talks on AI tailored to your audience.