Private AI Training

Since the release of ChatGPT, powerful AI tools and chatbots have become freely available to everyone at low cost. However, learning how to get the most from these tools and build them into your existing workflows is a skill that must be learned.

I offer private AI training sessions for individuals or groups of up to twenty participants.

What does the session include?
The session is tailored specifically for your organisation and industry using relevant case studies and examples throughout. I pride myself on having the ability to communicate technical subjects to a non-technical audience effectively. I show trainees how to use low-cost AI tools to enhance their productivity using real-world examples relevant to their roles. 

Who is it for?
Anyone whose job involves spending a significant amount of time in front of a computer will benefit from this training. In particular, those engaged in tasks that require processing or analysing data. For example, finance, marketing, comms, sales, operations and legal teams.

What is your availability?

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