AI Case Studies

Here is a list of my recent AI-based projects. Click on the links below to read about the project in more detail.  

AI App for Dyslexia: This app helps people struggling with written communication, often impacting their career opportunities. It has become a vital tool for thousands, gaining over 10 million impressions on social media and garnering global press attention. [Read more…]

AI for Textile Design: This AI-based app for The Millshop Online lets customers create unique fabric designs. With over 5,000 users, it has received notable industry attention. [Read more…]

AI Legal Lead Management Automation: I developed this app for Stuart Miller Solicitors to streamline client enquiry processing, a previously time-consuming task for their paralegal team. The app categorises enquiries by offence, fee potential and then directs them to the appropriate lawyer, enhancing efficiency. [Read more…]

AI Newsletter Generator: Creating and formatting email newsletters is a time-consuming task. This app autonomously curates and summarises relevant news stories, complete with AI-generated images. [Read more…]

Investment Pitch Evaluator: This automation for an Ivy League university assesses investment pitches for a multi-billion-dollar portfolio. The AI evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of pitches and their alignment with the fund’s objectives. [Read more…]

Zoe Diet Menu App: Tailored for the ZOE nutrition programme, this app assists users in choosing suitable menu items for their personalised diet plan. [Read more…]

Keyword Classifier: This Google Sheet add-on aids marketing teams in keyword research, classifying thousands of keywords instantly and focusing on those most relevant to their target audience. [Read more…]

What can I build for you?

Previously, creating such solutions was only feasible for those with substantial budgets. Today’s AI models not only power these apps but also reduce development costs, making them accessible to a wider range of businesses.

To discuss your project and explore possibilities, please contact me.