Case Study

Project: AI Dyslexia App

Project Summary: This app assists people who struggle with written communication that can negatively impact their career prospects. It has become a vital free tool for thousands of users with over 10 million views on social media and garnering global press coverage. 

The idea for this project started when Ben Whittle started a swimming pool construction company in my local area. Diagnosed with Dyslexia, he was worried he would struggle with client emails, preparing contracts and generating project quotations.

Project Overview
I developed an automation using the GPT API and Zapier. It professionally re-writes Ben’s documents in a format suitable for high-value business correspondence. The automation was tested and launched within one hour of the original concept.

A tweet about this project went viral on social media with over 10 million views. The story caught the attention of the mainstream media with featured articles in The Washington Post, TechCrunch, Buzzfeed and many others.

Results and Impact

As a result of the media attention, I was introduced to the team at OpenAI, the inventors of ChatGPT. They agreed to provide free credits to make the app available free of charge to anyone with Dyslexia or similar condition. This simple app now has thousands of users who benefit from being able to communicate professionally.

Time & Cost

This was a non-commercial project with no design, development, or maintenance fees charged. The app took less than an hour to design and build. 

What can I build for you?

You may be surprised at the low cost an AI-based project can be designed and implemented. If you have a problem that could be solved with AI, please get in touch.