Case Study

Project: Email Newsletter Generator

Project Summary: Creating email newsletters is a time-intensive task. This app autonomously curates and summarises relevant news stories, complete with AI-generated images, facilitating automated content strategies. 


My client is a consultancy firm within the telecoms industry. They publish a weekly newsletter on trending topics within their industry. The newsletter is published on their website and distributed to an email list of 16,000+ subscribers. 

The comms team wanted a solution that would reduce the time it took them to research, compose and format the newsletters. They needed to feel confident that the contents of the newsletter were accurate, timely and based on the topics of most interest to their subscribers.

Process and Development

This was an interesting project and my first experience in using AI agents to perform automated online research before generating the copy.

I designed a workflow that scraped a list of trending topics from SparkToro for their target audience of professionals working in the telecoms industry. I then used a web search API to scrape the latest news stories from reputable sources on these topics.

The AI was trained to compile a list of the top new stories, summarise the articles, generate an appropriate introduction and AI-generated images to accompany each story. The AI model was trained to write the content in my client’s house style. Once the newsletter is approved by the comms team it is then published to their site and sent to subscribers.

View an example edition of a recent newsletter.

Results and Impact

This process saved thousands of human hours and significantly improved the quality and engagement of the newsletters. This automation could easily be adapted to any other industry or target audience. 

What can I build for you?

You may be suprised at the affordability with which AI projects can be designed and implemented. If you have a problem that could be solved with AI, please get in touch.