Case Study

Project: FabricGenie - AI app for Textile Design

Project Summary: This AI app allows The Millshop Online customers to create unique fabric designs. Now, with over 5,000 users, it has generated a high sales volume and received notable industry attention. 

The Millshop Online is an established retailer of home textiles. I had the idea of creating an online app to allow their customers to generate unique textile designs using AI.

The goal was to offer the public a more personalised choice of fabrics based on their interests or needs. The app would also save people the trouble of browsing through thousands of pre-existing textile designs to find something to suit their style and décor. The app is a world-first and has attracted significant media attention.

Project Overview

The customer is presented with a simple online form to describe the type of design they want or upload an image of their room. FabricGenie then generates four design variations from which the customer can choose. Once they see a design they like, the customer clicks to order the design as loose fabric or made-to-measure curtains or blinds. 

The entire process from idea to app launch was approximately twelve weeks. 

Challenges and Solutions

An app of this kind would usually require significant coding by experienced developers. This added cost would have made this project financially unviable.

Instead, I used AI to generate the code with all back-end processes managed on the Zapier platform. This kept development costs to a minimum and significantly reduced the time to launch.

Load balancing
We predicted that thousands of users might submit simultaneous requests. I developed a queue management system to handle the demand when resources were at maximum capacity.

Making any app free to use without user registration will inevitably lead to misuse and abuse. I developed a moderation process to prevent any inappropriate requests from being processed.

AI was used throughout this project, including the planning, coding, testing and marketing. This helped keep costs to a minimum and the development time to only twelve weeks from the initial concept to launch.

Example FabricGenie Designs

Results and Impact
Since its launch in June 2023, over 40,000 designs have been generated with FabricGenie. In addition, the publicity generated by the launch resulted in significant press coverage for The Millshop Online and several high authority links to their website. This has improved the website’s organic visibility on Google for all key search terms.

FabricGenie Press Coverage

What can I build for you?

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