Case Study

Project: Investment Pitch Evaluator

Project Summary: A US-based Ivy League US university asked me to create an AI-based automation to help them assess investment pitches for their multi-billion-dollar portfolio. The AI model evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of pitches, aligning them with their fund’s objectives.

My client manages the $3 billion investment portfolio of an Ivy League university in the USA. His team receives hundreds of pitches per month from fund managers and VCs. His team spends countless hours reading these decks to assess their suitability as potential investments against a defined set of criteria reflecting the risk profile and ESG policy of the organisation.

Project Overview

I trained an AI model on the reports generated from previous investment opportunities and the investment policy of the university. We then tested the process with hundreds of historic pitch decks to compare the AI’s evaluation with those carried out by the human team. After several weeks refining the model and prompts, my client was happy to rely on the AI to perform evaluations autonomously with human due diligence to oversee and approve the generated reports.

Results and Impact

This process saved thousands of human hours per year and significantly improved the quality of the investment reports generated.

What can I build for you?

You may be suprised at the affordability with which AI projects can be designed and implemented. If you have a problem that could be solved with AI, please get in touch