Case Study

Project: Zoe Diet Bot

Project Summary: The ZOE programme is a popular nutrition system that allows individuals to create a diet perfectly aligned to their body’s individual response to specific type of fats, sugars and bacteria. This app allows users to choose suitable menu items to suit their personalised diet plan

This was a personal side project designed for my own use only. I recently started the Zoe nutrition program. This involves several weeks of monitoring blood sugar, blood fat and microbiome monitoring via sensors and samples of bodily fluids. The data is then used to generate a personalised diet with bespoke scores assigned to a wide range of ingredients and dishes.

Evaluating the Zoe score of any dish involves the use of the Zoe app into which I type a description of the dish or the ingredients used. However, this process becomes more challenging when dining out and faced with a menu of unfamiliar dishes.

I first trained the AI model on my personal Zoe data and food scores. I then simply upload an image of the menu from my mobile phone. The app reads the menu and selects the dishes best suited to my diet. This has helped me to maintain the diet even when eating out.

What can I build for you?

You may be suprised at the affordability with which AI projects can be designed and implemented. If you have a problem that could be solved with AI, please get in touch.